Get Pre-Qualified to Get Driving

If all that is holding you back from getting that new Hyundai you have always wanted has to do with finacing, fret not. Get pre-qualified for an auto loan so you can score a new vehicle from Thornton Road Hyundai serving Marietta, Douglasville and more as soon as possible.

Pre-Qualified Versus Pre-Approved

While getting pre-qualified and getting pre-approved are not the same, they are also not mutually exclusive. Getting pre-qualified typically involves the beginning stages of getting pre-approved, and thus is a simpler process. Take the steps:

  1. Choose the vehicle you want. The loan is dependent on how much the vehicle will cost and more.
  2. Fill out and submit our secure, encrypted applicant form below to confirm your eligibility. You don't even have to enter your Social Security Number and it does not negatively affect your credit score.
  3. Submit a credit application and sign a contract with us at Thornton Road Hyundai of Lithia Springs.

Within your credit score, you will find information on identifying information, trade lines, record inquiries and public record and collections content. All this information effects your ability to pre-qualify for an auto loan.

Take the Steps Toward Your Auto Loan

It's true-financial lingo can get the best of us, especially those of us who aren't trained in business or financial matters. That's why our Finance Center is here to assist with any of your inquiries regarding pre-qualification and more. Visit us or call at 866-909-3472 today to get started on the road to your new Hyundai.

We know you want to get driving in Atlanta, Sandy Springs or beyond, and we want to help you make the road to your new Hyundai as quick and simple as possible. Get pre-qualified for your auto loan today so we can help you move forward.