What is Hyundai Auto Link?

Hyundai Auto Link is a mobile app that links your Hyundai vehicle to a connected smart phone. At Thornton Road Hyundai, we are very impressed by this innovative system that helps you do everything from running diagnostics, book service, and more. This is such an exciting and new technology, so we know that lots of our customers in the Atlanta area will have plenty of questions. Read on to learn all about this exciting tech feature available on select Hyundai models.

This system keeps track of your driving performance and helps you be more aware of your habits. Hyundai hopes to promote safer driving and regular maintenance, so drivers who want their Hyundai vehicle to last as long as possible have a friend in this supportive app. Let's explore some of the details that help keep your Hyundai in top shape.

What Data Does Hyundai Auto Link Track

This innovative system, after being linked to your Hyundai vehicle, tracks a variety of performance metrics including:

  • Current distance and travel time for your trip
  • A day's worth of distance and travel times
  • Fuel efficiency rating and overall fuel consumption
  • ECO indicators like hard braking and rapid acceleration

After your drive, the system gives you a personalized report that gives you information about your drive. Having this info on hand will help you be more conscious of your driving habits, hopefully leading to a more efficient driving experience.

Other Features

Hyundai Auto Link also acts as your own personal assistant for all things automotive. When you park your car, you can take a picture quickly to remember your spot. If you need to schedule maintenance, the app will direct you to the nearest Hyundai service center and even let you schedule and price the maintenance online.

Drivers worried about accidents will be comforted by the system's ability to call for help in the event of an emergency. You can quickly request roadside assistance so you don't have to risk walking on a busy road.

Stay Connected

Hyundai Auto Link keeps you connected to the massive Hyundai dealer network, that means that you can get support no matter where you go. Without this connection, you would have to get help from a local dealer or someone who may not support all of Hyundai's warranties and deals, but now even if you get stranded in a different part of the country you can find the nearest help immediately.


How do I connect to my vehicle?

Your smartphone should be able to easily connect to your vehicle when you start the process on the app, but if things are hitting a snag make sure your phone's Bluetooth and Location services are on and the Airplane mode is turned off.

Which mobile devices are compatible?

Hyundai has taken care to make sure all the most popular brands are supported. If you use either Android OS 4.3 and more newer or the iPhone iOS 8.1 and more newer, then you should be good to connect to Auto Link.

Can I report a bug or fault?

Yes, Hyundai welcomes reports of issues, just send the information about your problem to Customer Care and they will be right on it.

Test Drive a Hyundai Vehicle near Atlanta

If you'd like to test drive any of the exciting vehicles on the Hyundai lineup, just stop by our Atlanta area dealership today. We can get you set up with a Hyundai Auto Link compatible model and you'll be well on your way to keeping track of your driving and staying connected.

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