Differences in Brake Pads

Many people don’t know brake pads can be made of different materials. These materials can change how the brakes function, varying their performance, noise, and their wear and tear on your vehicle. At Thornton Road Hyundai in Lithia Springs, GA, we want to help you find the brakes that are right for your vehicle, and your budget.

Organic Brake Pads

These are the most common type of brake pads because they are the most cost-effective. They are rather quiet, and don’t put much stress on the rotors, making them a good choice for all vehicles except high-performance and heavy vehicles. They can struggle in extreme heat or cold, and tend to wear out quickly, meaning you'll have to replace them often.

Ceramic Brake Pads

Ceramic pads are very quiet, minimizing all of the noise that comes from braking your vehicle. While these brakes offer some serious benefits like noise reduction, slow wearing, and more, there are some serious drawbacks. They don’t hold up well in extreme temperatures, and are more expensive because of their high manufacturing cost. They also pass a lot of heat through your braking system.

Metallic Brake Pads

Some of the strongest pads that you find will be metallic; they are the preferred choice for performance vehicles because of their ability to withstand a wide range of conditions and temperatures. They also require less pressure to get your vehicle to stop, but they tend to be a lot noisier and adding a lot of stress to your rotors. They are in the median price range, falling between Organic and Ceramic in most cases.

Our service team can help you choose which is best for you and your vehicle. Our certified experts can help customers that want the smoothest and most comfortable ride around Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Douglasville. We encourage you to visit us soon so that we can get you started!

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