Prepare to Drive Safely!

Everyone gets distracted now and then, but it is very important to minimize the chance of distractions when driving. Put the cell phone away! Do not attempt to text while driving and do not take a call unless you have the hands-free capability. Before you set out to drive somewhere, make sure your seat gets properly positioned. Put your seatbelt on then adjust your rearview and side mirrors for the best views. Many people set these mirrors while in route which can get dangerous. Before driving is the time to adjust your radio or put in a CD to listen to while you drive. If you want to change it later, pull off the road at a safe place to avoid distracted driving or if you have a passenger, let the passenger be in charge of the music. The passenger can handle the cellphone, too. Be safe, do not let your eyes or your brain get taken off the road!

Be sure not to get distracted from regular maintenance checkups as well. We are here at Thornton Road Hyundai in Lithia Springs, GA, for all of your vehicle repairs and services to help keep you driving safely.

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