Protecting Your Investment

Your vehicle represents a major investment and you want to protect it. To keep it running to top condition it is important to follow the manufacturer’s service schedule. This includes changing the oil on schedule and using the type of oil specified by the manufacturer. Following the service schedule will also maximize mileage and lengthen the useful life of your car.

Conventional oil is a combination of natural oil and additives. Synthetic oil is a combination of inorganic chemicals intended to perform the same functions as natural oil. The main difference is that natural oil breaks down and full synthetic oil does not.

The numbers for oil are established by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). In 10W-30, the W stands for winter. The 10 indicates how well the oil flows in cold weather with a cold engine. The 30 represents viscosity when the engine is heated.

Our service technicians are familiar with your vehicle maintenance schedule and can change your oil quickly and efficiently.

Categories: Parts, Service
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